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Swedish Sustainability Solutions
for Malaysia




Our next networking event which will be centered around the Swedish Sustainability Solutions and how they can be applied in Malaysia.


Share your company’s sustainability agenda and listen to how other companies are working towards the green transition.  


Furthermore, we are about to create an online "library" to help showcase Swedish solutions and competencies within this field.  We would prefer to set a standard format and would like to invite all companies to share your ideas of best practice. We think one slide per company would be optimal, but since the sole idea is to give you the best possible platform to display Swedish expertise when it comes to sustainable solutions, we need you to tell us what would work from your company’s perspective.


This will also be a great opportunity for people in the marketing and PR departments to network across all MASBA's member companies!


Refreshments will be served.  We hope to see you all there!  So, let's have a nice and sustainable evening!

One Menerung, Block A Function Room

Registration opens :                      6.30pm

Networking commencement :   7.15pm


Members price RM 30

Guests : RM 50


RSVP Thursday 13th April 2023


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